SSL 2 & SSL 2+ Seasonal Promotional Prices

SSL 2 & SSL 2+  Seasons Promotional Prices

Your SSL Studio

Engineered with 40+ years of hit-making history

SSL 2 and SSL 2+ are more than just USB audio interfaces – they are the heart of your new Solid State Logic personal studio. Class-leading mic preamps. Punchy instrument inputs. Studio-quality monitoring. Incredible SSL Production Pack software bundle. Then elevate your sound to the next level with unique ‘Legacy 4K’ analog enhancement.



• 2-in/2-out • SSL mic-pres • 4K Legacy
• 24-bit/192 kHz • Studio quality monitoring
• Single headphone output


SSL2+ perosnal studio

2-in/4-out • SSL mic-pres

• 4K Legacy • 24-bit/192 kHz• MIDI I/O • Output for DJ mixers

• 2x independent headphone outputs


Video for SSL2:

Video for SSL2+:


Till December 31st, Solid State Logic is providing an expanded SSL Production Pack along with all new purchases of its professional personal studio interfaces, SSL 2 and SSL 2+.
More information about this campaign:



  Drumstrip plug-in
Abelton Live Lite
1.5 GB of samples of Loopcloud

Flexverb plug-in
Powerful, mix-ready reverb
(free for a limited time)
X-comp plug-in
The ultimate compressor for any source 
(Free for a limited time) 
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