Welcome to Vision

– profesional solutions – 

About twenty years ago, one man set out to realize his dream of building a contemporary engineering firm, focusing on telecommunications, broadcasting and professional audio-visual systems. At the beginning there was no capital; there was practically nothing except knowledge acquired at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering in Skopje, work experience gained at the company Dasto, coupled with unbridled enthusiasm, great faith in the future, commitment, perseverance and a clear vision.

In just a few years, Ljupco Nikolovski, together with his colleagues/friends, succeeded in making VISION the leader on the Macedonian market in its niche, with a long reference list of diverse and satisfied customers.
From the very beginning, telecommunications and professional audio-visual systems were and remain at the core of our interest and focus.


Our goal is the create, offer and install optimal high-performance solutions for audio and video professionals, as well as passionate music and video & film enthusiasts.
To that end, we continuously and persistently strive to advance our knowledge, enrich our experience and apply technological innovations.


To bring joy to our customers’ lives with simple, modern, technologically innovative and future proofed solutions, ensuring the best possible reproduction of sound and picture (in line with the wishes and circumstances of the customer) and creating a deeper emotional connection with the audio-visual arts and artists.

Core Values

Mutual trust and respect, commitment, enthusiasm, integrity and justice.

Why Work With Us?

To work with us is to know that you are working with passionate and motivated professionals who design a wide variety of solutions: telecommunications, professional video, audio and lighting, as well solutions for domestic audio enthusiasts and music aficionados. We are dedicated to the continuous training and development of our staff.

When meeting our customers, irrespective of the project at hand, our engineers carefully investigate the requests of the customer, to better understand their needs, and on the basis of that to propose the optimal solution – be it a complete project, preliminary design or budgeting.