NAB 2018: What’s New from JVC Copy

JVC has grabbed eveyones attention by announcing several cameras and production gear to fit you needs. Here in the town in the desert are the new cameras, the GY-HM180GY-HM250 and GY-HM250SP(Sports). Rounding out the cameras are the GY-HC900U (with lens) and 900CHU(without lens). Of course, you need more than a camera to get your footage seen, which is why JVC is also announcing the BR-DE900 Decoder, and the ProHD Studioand ProHD Studio SP live production and streaming studio systems.

Beginning with the GY-HM180: it is a compact 4K video camera whose small size is surprisingly large in features and capabilities. Roughly the size of a compact consumer camera, the GY-HM180 features a single 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor with 12.4 million pixels. It captures 4K UHD at 24/30 fps to dual SDXC cards at 150 or 70 Mb/s and, for those who still shoot HD, the camera supports 4:2:2 Full HD recording from 24 to 60 fps. You can shoot HD at up to 120 fps for glorious slow-motion shots. Make no mistake: in spite of its small size, this is a well-equipped camera, suitable for use on productions that range from small independent films to larger productions that need an inconspicuous camera with professional features including, XLR audio inputs and HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs.



The GY-HM250 is an all-around powerhouse, capturing UHD 4K with a 12x optical zoom lens, while at the same time being IP capable for remote control by a mobile device and HD streaming using the RTMP protocol with the touch of a button. IP Capable means you can control the camera with your tablet or smartphone. It also means that the camera and your browser-enabled mobile device bring studio-like graphics to location shooting, even when you are working by yourself. The camera comes with pre-installed color schemes, and allows you to upload your own lower third logos and icons, as well as enter your own text bars. Stream live news from the field, or shoot and stream weddings, education, family, or just about any event with professional lower-third graphics and text. The GY-HM250SP features a sports-themed graphic overlay, appropriate for shooting sporting events.



The GY-HC900 is available with or without a 20x zoom lens, and is a full-sized shoulder-mount camera, well suited for ENG, studio, and event coverage. Aimed at professionals in the broadcast field, the HC900 features a 2/3″ 3CMOS sensor that captures HD, and with its industry-standard B4 mount, the camera can use virtually any HD/SD ENG or lens. It records 1920 x 1080 to SDXC cards, using MPEG-2 recording, as well as 4:2:2 10-bit using H.264 encoding, for images that bring the events to your viewers. In addition, the camera can record up to 120 fps for slow-motion effects, and it supports RTMP and Zixi for easy streaming.



Decode streaming video with JVC’s BR-DE900 decoder. It delivers optimal quality of service (no dropped frames) over virtually any network, either a private LAN or the internet. Decoding HEVC or H.264 to broadcast video standards with ease, minimal latency, and uncompromised video quality. The DE900 features simultaneous dual 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 and composite video outputs. The stream-forwarding feature enables the BR-DE900 to redistribute an incoming stream within a private LAN/WAN network.



Rounding out JVC’s announcements for NAB 2108 is the ProHD Studio and Studio SP, a self-contained live production and streaming system that can handle HD via HD-SDI, HDMI, and IP inputs. When used with JVC’s IP cameras, the system offers individual remote camera control. The system features a touchscreen interface, four HD-SDI, four IP stream inputs, and four NDI inputs. Befitting a live production system, the ProHD Studio supports automated cuts/crossfades and other transitions, as well as instant replays and slow-motion playback from camera inputs. The ProHD Studio SP adds SCOREPLUS, which a Real-time Live Sports Graphics generator, enabling you to create database-driven graphics using the touch screen interface.